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Powerful Jewelry Software That Will Transform Your Beading Into An Organized, Efficient & Professional Business Overnight!


Running a small business can be hard work. You have to be the boss, employee, accountant, salesman, designer, receptionist, driver, consultant, purchaser and everything else all rolled into one.

Don't you wish there was a way that you could automate parts of your jewelry business and get rid of the headaches caused by paperwork?

Do creating invoices and preparing taxes feel like the biggest chore on earth?

Not to mention keeping track of what you have in stock at any one time, what it cost and how much you should sell it for.

Imagine a simpler way to take care of business.

Bead Manager Pro is the Leading Jewelry Software on the market today. Fully customizable for any country, no matter where you live Bead Manager Pro can calculate Tax and Currency Rates for your business.

Inventory Management Software is not a new idea and every successful company in the world uses software systems to help streamline their processes but Bead Manager Pro has been developed especially for Beaders.

Not only did we spend hundreds of hours developing Bead Manager Pro, we surveyed Beaders from around the world to find out exactly what they wanted and then put all those features into one powerful software package, Bead Manager Pro.

11 Power Packed Time Saving Features


No more losing track of stock. Bead Manager Pro's Automatic Inventory system will keep track of all your parts in your inventory and alert you when you are running low so you can order more.
Instantly calculate the sale price of completed pieces based on the parts you have used to make it. And what's more Bead Manger Pro will calculate sale prices for Wholesale, Direct and Retail Customers all at the same time.
Keep records of your customers. It's always easier to sell to an old customer rather than a new customer so Bead Manger Pro lets you keep all your customer information in its database plus you can set alerts to remind you of their birthday or other special dates.
Don't lose any more money. Bead Manager Pro will create professional invoices for you. Easily scroll through invoice lists and check for outstanding payments that are owed to you.
Never lose track of stock that you have sent out on consignment again. Create consignment records for your party planners and instantly change those into invoices once sales have been made.
Stop writing out labels by hand. Instantly print shipping labels, part labels, pieces labels straight from Bead Manager Pro to give your items a professional touch.
Archive old designs so you don't forget how to make pieces. Keep notes and records in Bead Manager Pro on how you created a particular piece and upload pictures of the finished item.
Want to show off your designs to people? Print off professional looking catalogs with pictures of your designs and your company details instantly.
Tax Time, the nightmare time of the year? Export your data for your accounts and then import it into Quick Books or MYOB.
Keep track of your suppliers and their details. Click straight to their website or launch your email program straight from Bead Manager Pro.

Use professional Beading Software to turn your jewelry business from a disorganized bunch of paperwork into a stress free, more profitable beading business with Bead Manager Pro.

Just to make things even better when you buy your copy of this amazing Jewelry Software get these three awesome bonuses absolutely FREE!

"WHAM-IT - Work At Home Mom's
Do you want to grow your Jewelry business? WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course will show you how. This excellent resource bundle is written "by WAHMS for WAHMs." These encouraging moms give advice and suggestions that are based on real experiences and real successes. They are your mentors, guiding you towards your goal.

"Make Your Price Sell!"

So, now your beading business is up and running how do you know how much to charge? This Masters Course will show you how to determine the "perfect price"... the price point where both you and your customers profit. The "Perfect Price" is an important component of your future success equation...
Great Product + Perfect Price + Right Process = Customer Satisfaction + Success

"Make Your Net Auction Sell"

Are you interested in finding a wider market for your beading business? No financial risk. Easy start-up.

System Requirements:

Bead Manager Pro works on both Windows and Macintosh Systems.

Operational Requirements:

Free Disk Space - 35mb
RAM 256mb or higher

Windows Operating System:
Windows 2000 service pack 4 or Windows XP service pack 2

Macintosh Operating System:
OSX 10.3.9 or higher



Immediately Available for Download - Just $127.00!








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