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You Can Draw or Paint Any Subject With Ease - Even If You Have Never Drawn or Painted Before!

Long-lost Manuscript Resurfaces With Over 190 Pages on Drawing, Sketching, Oil & Watercolor Painting and Different Modes of Seeing -  Revealing All The Secrets of a True Art Master!

Most people who have never painted before believe painting and drawing is a very difficult skill to master - and that it's even more difficult if you believe you have "zero talent". 

There's no doubt, learning to paint and draw can be challenging for any artist.  Too often the study of art is dull and boring, and self-study books are confusing and lacking in good information.  Frankly, the most common complaint amongst art students is study books containing a minimum of useful information offered at the maximum price - much better for ornament than for use!

The big problem is that most books on the subject are filled with boring description after description, and not enough nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts information with clear illustrations and drawings.

Sound at all familiar?

Recently a manuscript by highly acclaimed artist Alfred Daniels, has been re-discovered.  Daniel's work is the secret resource many top artists used to perfect their drawing and painting with oils and watercolors.


The Right (and Wrong) Way to Learn Painting and Drawing

This newly released work called “Painting and Drawing Secrets” by Alfred Daniels is the quickest and easiest way to learn painting and drawing. Inside this standout work you’ll get nearly 60 illustration and plates, as well as 197 pages jam-packed with nitty-gritty information, tips and techniques to get you drawing and painting in no time.  In fact, absolutely everything any artist would need.


Section 1:  Beginning to Draw

  • The number one (and only!) rule when learning to draw and paint - Have Fun!
  • The importance of letting your materials do the work, your hands having their way and allowing your eyes to dictate their impressions... In other words, don't force anything, let it happen naturally.
  • The differences between various drawing media, the correct way to use them, and which drawing supplies best suit specific projects.
  • Introduction to the three basic elements in drawing, namely line, tone and shape - broken down and simplified using charcoal and paper.
  • Learn how to develop your ability to "see", then "draw what you see" using the "window-pane" method.
  • How to use light and shade to develop form in your creation.
  • The secrets to mastering the principles of perspective which apply to artists (It's not as difficult as most of the text-books would have you believe!)
  • Wonderful suggestions on how to choose beautiful, interesting subjects to draw.
  • How to create correct proportion when drawing portraits of the human figure - and the important role that lighting plays when creating a portrait. 
  • The role that tone and color plays in black and white drawings.
  • How to avoid being like some other artist, and accept your own drawing style and vision. You are yourself, separate and distinct, and in that lies your uniqueness.

Section 2:  Watercolor Painting

  • The importance of using quality brushes, paints and papers when working with watercolors.
  • Learn the correct techniques for stretching and damping your paper before beginning to paint with watercolors.
  • How to select the right color palette for you.
  • The tricks and secrets for successfully applying watercolor washes to avoid streaky and patchy results.
  • Learn the correct techniques for using opaque watercolor.
  • Helpful tips and suggestions for selecting beautiful subjects for watercolor and opaque watercolor studies.
  • Examples of some famous modern watercolor artists and the particular methods they use for their watercolor paintings.


Section 3:  Sketching Outdoors

  • The best range of materials and art supplies to pack in your satchel when sketching outdoors.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of selecting various locations for sketching and painting outdoors.
  • The important role that sunlight and light levels plays in outdoor sketching activities.
  • How to avoid sticking with fixed ideas for outdoor sketching subjects, and allow your creative abilities to see the endless possibilities in nature.
  • Learn the step by step tips for creating an outdoor sketch from start to finish, and the importance of knowing what to leave in and what to leave out.
  • The importance of foreground, middle and background, in creating every sketch you do.
  • Understanding that accuracy of an ever-changing ever-moving, ever-complex nature is impossible. What is more important is getting pleasure from observing these changes and movements in nature and trying to express them on paper in your own way.
  • Learn how to use "viewpoint" to create interesting, movement-filled sketches and drawings.
  • Learn the special techniques needed for drawing people outdoors.


Section 4:  Oil Painting

  • How to keep your palette simple and choose the oil colors that are right for you.
  • Learn the differences in the various grades of oil paint, and how NOT to get confused with all the paint tubes in your art supply store.
  • Learn the secrets to successfully mixing colors and how to avoid the waste, mess and confusion which can result with poor mixing techniques.
  • Which brushes and materials to buy, including which type of brushes are best suited to beginners.
  • Thoroughly learn the three basic activities of oil painting -  1) choosing the colors to be mixed  2) mixing them so that they fuse and handle well 3) applying them to the canvas or support with brush or knife.
  • Learn to make better progress with your oil painting by studying the paintings of others.


Section 5:  Picture Making

  • How to acquire the ability to "take things apart", by appreciating and criticizing the great works of the past as you are making your own pictures.
  • Learn the key techniques required to examine the pictures of others.
  • How to choose the elements in nature that will be useful and effective on a canvas.
  • Learn to avoid boredom and monotony and achieve good balance in composition when placing shapes on your beginning canvas.
  • The special techniques required to achieve depth and movement within your picture and bring it alive.
  • The secrets to turning drawings into great oil paintings.
  • How you can use the "squaring-up" technique to begin a painting.
  • The best approach for getting your picture started on canvas.

Section 6:  In Conclusion

  • The best way to prepare, fix and frame drawings and watercolors.

  • Tips and techniques for framing and hanging your oil paintings.

  • Suggestions for further fields of study which will help improve your understanding of painting and drawing and ultimately improve your techniques.

  • Tried and true techniques for analyzing the paintings you can view in art galleries and museums.


 As you can see, this really is the ultimate guide for drawing, sketching and painting.  Alfred Daniel's unique principles teach you to let your materials do the work, let your hands have their way and let your eyes dictate their impressions. Nothing is forced, but is left to happen naturally. After all it is quite natural to want to draw and paint.

Just imagine being able to draw and paint any subject with ease...all from the comfort of your own home...even if you have never drawn or painted before!

Get Your Copy of the Guide at Great Savings!
By making this outstanding "Painting and Drawing Secrets" available to you as a downloadable compendium (or ebook) directly accessible from the Internet, we have no inventory or fulfillment costs, enabling us to pass along our cost savings to you.  It's a true "win-win" situation.  And in case you're worried, it's very simple to download the information in "Painting and Drawing Secrets"  - you don't require any special "techno-head" skills.  It also works perfectly with both PC and Macintosh computers. 


BONUS # 1:
eBook - Trees and How To Paint Them In Watercolor. 
Do you have trouble painting trees and foliage? Do your paintings never seem to look right? Are you spending hours painting leaves only for your paintings to STILL look lifeless and flat? This great little ebook includes many two-stage pictures showing you exactly HOW to paint trees properly. It also includes black and white close up sketches of each trees individual leaves.  This is an excellent ebook designed to help you get the most out of painting trees to enable you to become a better artist!

BONUS # 2:
eBook - How To Draw Parts Of The Body.   Starting with the most asked question "How do you draw a woman's breast?", this ebook teaches you step-by-step how to draw the body.  You will also get detailed instructions on how to draw the hands and feet.  In fact, you will soon find that hands and feet have never been easier to draw!  This is a great bonus for any artist, including detailed examples of exactly how to draw body parts step-by-step.  

BONUS # 3:
eBook - Great Drawing TidBits.
Are you having trouble painting and drawing hair?  This bonus ebook covers drawing different types and styles of hair in great detail.  Never again will you end up with unrealistic hair, either too flat too small, or just simply "odd" looking.  There are plenty of detailed step-by-step examples to guide you along the way.  Also included in this ebook, is a section on how to take the mystery and complexity out of drawing Celtic Knots.  Another great bonus for artists!

Instant Download - Available Immediately - Just $37.00!






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