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Knowledge Is Crucial!

You may understand the idea of internet copyright laws. Then again, you might be one of the folks who don't know the difference between copyrighting and copywriting.  Either way, you need to know more.  You need to protect yourself.  

The Internet is an intellectual property rights minefield.  Those who know how to handle the situation will do fine.  Those who don't may find themselves in trouble!


The Online Copyright Handbook will show you how to protect your rights for the internet and how to avoid the trouble that could come from trampling someone else's!


The Harsh Reality:


  • People are stealing content across the internet intentionally, using questionable techniques and "black hat" strategies with no regard or respect for anyone's rights.
  • Others are accidentally infringing on the rights of others out of ignorance or because they took bad advice.
  • DMCA complaints are shutting down sites regularly as upset people (who don't understand the workings of Online Copyright) are shooting first and asking questions later! 


Internet Copyright Law | Copyright LawsIt's crazy out there.  The internet is expanding quickly and the growing pains are pretty intense.  We live in an information-driven economy and the web intensifies the experience dramatically.  Content has commercial value. Fraudsters are stealing it, idiots are incorrectly claiming it, good guys don't always know how to handle it, and you are in the middle trying to run your business.

If you want to your business to succeed, you need to understand how intellectual property rights work on the internet, how to avoid violating others rights inadvertently, and how to protect your own.

You can be part of the chaos and mayhem, or be one of the few people that have everything under control.







Why You MUST Get Serious About Internet Copyright Laws...

  • Copyrights exist to protect the intellectual property you rightfully own from others!
  • An understanding of internet copyright laws and its online application may be all that is standing between the continued operation of your moneymaking sites and a complete SHUTDOWN!

  • An accidental copyright violation on your part can result in disaster.  Web pages taken down, cease and desist letters, embarrassment and even lawsuits are possible!


  • Trying to protect your rights without really understanding them just doesn't get the job done. It's incredibly inefficient and risks serious mistakes.


  • Understanding your rights and the rights of others allows you to concentrate on what matters most--your business.


  • Close to 93% of Companies are vulnerable...Are you one of the lucky 7%?


The Online Copyright Handbook provides you with everything you need to know to understand copyright, it's online application, how to fight violations and how to avoid transgressions of your own.

The Online Copyright Handbook doesn't just focus on the topic in a purely in a theoretical way.  It combines a broad outlook with step-by-step instructions, handy guides and solid "do this" information.

The Online Copyright Handbook provides a wealth of information and tips for understanding internet copyright laws and what they mean to you. This information will allow you to escape the madness and stake out a solid claim to your own rights without fear or worry..




 "Working with website  content can be tough but I have read this handbook and now I feel ready to tackle some big issues about people taking my hard work.  Plus I am winning more arguments because a lot of old wives tales where cleared up. You would not believe how much of the information that is out there is false and outdated!"


Corena Golliver


Copyright Laws


You'll learn more new ideas and essential information covering all aspects of the copyright issue and its internet application.  The Online Copyright Handbook details proven ways to be successful while "playing by the rules" and awesome guidance about defending your rights.


The Online Copyright Handbook provides you with everything you need to keep a cool head and to make good copyright-related decisions while others go off half-cocked to their own detriment.




As a full-time writer and part-time Internet marketer, I understand the importance of copyright issues from "both sides."  This guide does a great job of explaining why copyrights matter, when they exist, when they don't, and how to handle intellectual property right problems.  If you deal with written material--and we all do--you need to understand these concepts.  They can be the difference between spending your days counting money and spending your money in a courtroom!  This ebook makes it easy to manage rights issues the right way.  Thanks for the "advance copy."

Carson Brackney
Content Done Better





Copyright LawsFor a limited time, all buyers of The Online Copyright Handbook will receive a special audio version of The Online Copyright Handbook!












Bonus Product - Super Copyright Handbook
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24.Events of copyright infringement

25.Definition of copyright infringement

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Copyright Laws



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