Soap Making Made Simple"Soap Making Made Simple - The Complete Guide To Making Fragrant And Elegant Soap!"


Soap Making Made Simple! is like having your own soap making coach show you not only the basics of soap making, but also all the insider tricks, tips and techniques that the experts use to make advanced, hand-crafted soaps.








Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things You'll Discover...

You'll learn the equipment you need for making soap.

Ingredients that can be used in soap making.

We'll show you how to make soap using the cold process.

You'll learn how to make basic white soap.

We'll reveal super-advanced techniques for making soap.

You'll learn all about what makes the best molds.

We'll give you insider tips for making liquid soap.

You'll see how to package your soap for gifts or sale.

We'll reveal many typical problems and concerns with making soap.

We'll give you a ton of soap making recipes.


What type of thermometer you need.

A neat little trick that'll eliminate wasted effort.

The (5) kinds of pots to avoid at all costs!

Why the design of the pot can be a time-saver.

The exact type of mixing container you must have.

Precisely the type of mold you need to make perfect soap every time.

The (1) thing you should not do with any mold.

All about the various ingredients available for making truly great soap.

Learn about (17) different oils and 49 additives and other ingredients.

A seldom used way to get tallow.

All about making basic soaps.

How the experts make beautiful, hand-crafted soap.

(7) easy-to-find unique molds.

Latest materials to use for molds... and the one to avoid at all costs.

Making liquid soaps and how to increase the life span of your soap.

The one thing you must do before you package your soap.

The simple test to determine if your soap is ready for packaging.

How to create elegant and charming packaging.

(3) most popular ways to package your soap.

How to prevent bubbles from forming in your soap bar.

What causes soap to actually stink and how to avoid it.

and a whole lot more!


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